Love always holds you, it will never hinder you

Love will always make you shine

Love will always carve a path for you

Love is your greatest friend; your most beloved

Love will always ensure you are following your true path

Love will be your beacon of light; ensure you shine brightly

Love trusts the process, it conspires with your soul

Love co-creates all of your dreams

Love grows with your imagination

Love wants what’s best for you; always

Love clears the way; it knows of no obstacles

Love requires no deposit

Love is the true certainty of your life

Love supports, embraces and ensures success


Freewill is the choice; the choice to live with fear in your heart, or with love in your heart. The latter will always protect you; hold you safe and uncover for you where you should be and what you need to do to fulfill your life purpose. All fear seeks to do, is pull the rug out from under your feet.


Believe Book Cover

Believe! The Gift of Inspiration for Female Entrepreneurs is an anthology of uplifting stories. In the book you can find both inspirational stories, and numerous exercises, hints and tips that the authors have found valuable to achieve their own dreams.

I am honoured that two of my poems have been included in this amazing anthology.

Life will simply play out, as it should be

This poem was written in early 2012 and I still love it, as it marks a huge turning point for me in terms of who I thought I was, prior to letting go of so much old programming.  There was a new poem in the works for today, but it’s being stubborn and refuses to be rushed…   It promises to reveal itself in full tomorrow.

Happy Day 19 of National Poetry Writing Month.  

Love and light as always, to all my visitors.  Sarah xx


Like putty in my thought’s clumsy hands

I lived my life as if creating a brand

My ego controlled, while I hid in the wings

Fearful of saying or doing the wrong things


I knew I must trust, must let go of control

Remove myself from anxiety’s payroll

The Universe conspired and gave me a shove

I shifted from my head; my body fits like a glove


No longer a tourist on the journey of life

I don’t indulge in gossip or strife

I listen to my heart, feel all my emotions

To be and to love is far more than a notion


I feel gratitude and joy, deep in my source

Know my King will arrive on a magnificent horse

I’ve been given the time that I needed so bad

Hadn’t realised it was wrapped in something so sad


I feel my power, I am a High Priestess

A loyal friend and a cracking hostess

Nothing to prove to others or to me

Life will simply play out, as it should be