Follow my lead…

No longer coerced

I am following my lead

My moments expanding

My soul, I have freed


Growing, unstunted

Unconsciously held

My wings are unfurling

At once self-propelled


I spin in my centre

Am whole through my core

The subterfuge’d sadness

Shown straight through the door


Reasons unquantified…

Just not worth the words

Previous programming

So laughable and absurd


Freedom… A feeling

All shiny and new

My head is held high

I know just what to do


Believe Book Cover

Believe! The Gift of Inspiration for Female Entrepreneurs is an anthology of uplifting stories. In the book you can find both inspirational stories, and numerous exercises, hints and tips that the authors have found valuable to achieve their own dreams.

I am honoured that two of my poems have been included in this amazing anthology.