You cannot…

You cannot blame

hypocrisy on those

Who cannot listen

to their own truths


You cannot hold someone

accountable to their actions

Until you can be

accountable for your own


You cannot see

what is in plain sight

If you vision is contaminated

by your own appearance


You cannot claim to be

a philanthropist

When giving accompanies

a powerful motive


The unevolved individual

Words fall to earth,

Weighted by the gravity

Of their intent


Ricocheting off the opinions

Of the observer,

The unevolved individual

Who deems himself worthy

Of adding his own content


Moulding the message

To serve his own meaning,

Creating a new translation,

Now just an echo

Of the truth


His heart screaming

At his spirit to stop

Muting its purpose,

Of ignoring

The lessons

Being taught

The Intuitive Mind

The intuitive mind floats adrift from our thoughts

Yet in harmony with its coastal tide

At one with the unfolding, natural course

The point where your truth, it cannot hide


The intuitive mind cannot be coerced

Nor reached through intelligence alone

Impressions are formed, they light up the dark

In oneness, you need never atone


The intuitive mind has no motive in life

No outcome it seeks to reveal

It flows with the cycles and rhythm of time

To bring forth, what you cannot conceal


The intuitive mind has compassion and love

Stands evolved, with humility in place

Understands we’re all human, expanding within

Contentment reached, with dignified grace