The underpinning foundations

of my character.

Each brick laid,

cemented by behaviour

and a continual rhetoric

of pleases and thank you’s;

letters and notes

dictated by elders,

concerned and ruled

by the opinions of others.

Irony, the cladding

of superficial politeness.

Made to worry

about what others thought;

anxiety taught

from such a young age.

Language is never innocent.

Words braided

into the hair of young girls.

‘Be good!’

Little Red Riding Hood

eaten by the Big, Bad Wolf.

It’s wrong

to love yourself

too much.

Be confident,

but not too confident

lest others think

you know more

and judge you.

Toe the proverbial line


Your reflection,

an illusion;

a hall of mirrors

obscuring yours

and everyone else’s truth,

making you short-sighted.

You overlook yourself,


yet continually reminded,

that being good enough

is something to aspire to.

Being, always

just out of reach,

that idyllic beach

photo-shopped only,

in the pages

of glossy misinformation.


I feel your gaze upon me,

across borders

forever open.

Your eyes seeking

my world;

our voyeuristic double-life,

kept alive by what if…

What could have…

What can be…

What will be…

The thoughts evaporate.

Abbreviated by every breath.

The diaphragm of society

breathing them in,




until they are nothing

more than

hot air greeting cold.

Momentarily seen.

Mislaid instantly.

Lost in the unspoken

silent distance.

Forgiveness is the answer

Integrity, the intention

of becoming and being whole

Through awakening the mind,

the body, heart and soul


The path to authenticity

to a life of just, well-being

Is through accepting enjoyment

and the excitement of actual doing


Trust and accountability,

that can only start with you

If you cannot walk the walk

you can’t expect another to


Centering and grounding

is a knowing, not a thought

Letting go of old beliefs,

of all wrong lessons taught


Forgiveness is the answer

to the question of self-blame

Projection the constant replay

of societies make-believe game


Her yearning

for acknowledgement,

burst from every pore,

soaking her skin.

The societal virgin,

an illiterate interaction,

as she tipped

her hat to humanity.


in their general direction

a shy smile.



Anything to quench her thirst

for life.

An embarrassed touch,

feigning too much

as she went through the motions.

The cauterised emotions


by the straight jacket

of her past,

her mind.

The wing and a prayer

of a dare,

that held her compromised.

Unwrapping gratification,

two for the price of one

tenderly undone,

by too much awareness

of everyone else

but herself.

Shrouded by silence,

caught red handed

by everyone else’s views.


just out of reach,

beyond the breach,

of the promises made

to her as a child.

The dictatorship of man

The musty scent of testosterone

hangs stale in every corner of civilization.

Feminine intuition drenched.

Oestrogen driven saviours

down trodden, weakened,

by the muscular sinews of masculinity.

Their strength visible

in the eyes of every living creature,

except man.

Whose continual struggle

with his own ego,

will reduce life to a pile of rubble.

Worthless to everyone

but the puppeteers,

whose pockets we mindlessly line.

Loose change

thrown absentmindedly,

into the outstretched hand

of a begging nation.

He averts his eyes,

in contemptuous judgement

of the playmate of his youth.

Grace tugs at the veil,

continually conspiring.

Her soft scented hand attempting,

to remove the heavy scent

of the dictatorship of man.

Defined by…

Defined by beliefs

Defined by your looks

Defined by the imagery, in magazines and books…


Defined by your past

Defined by mistakes

Defined by the choices, that everyone makes…


Defined by society

Defined by your friends

Defined by the energy, the media expends…


Defined by opinions

Defined by the polls

Defined by the endless, never-ending loopholes…


Defined by your gender

Defined by your sex

Defined by the libido, trademarked by Durex…


Defined by relationships

Defined by your mates

Defined by desires; your likes and your hates…


Defined by ambition

Defined by success

Defined by your drive, to make more out of less…


Defined by definition

Defined by the fact

Defined by your fear and your failure to act…