Defined by…

Defined by beliefs

Defined by your looks

Defined by the imagery, in magazines and books…


Defined by your past

Defined by mistakes

Defined by the choices, that everyone makes…


Defined by society

Defined by your friends

Defined by the energy, the media expends…


Defined by opinions

Defined by the polls

Defined by the endless, never-ending loopholes…


Defined by your gender

Defined by your sex

Defined by the libido, trademarked by Durex…


Defined by relationships

Defined by your mates

Defined by desires; your likes and your hates…


Defined by ambition

Defined by success

Defined by your drive, to make more out of less…


Defined by definition

Defined by the fact

Defined by your fear and your failure to act…

2 thoughts on “Defined by…

  1. The Oxford English Dictionary gives the meaning for define as follows:
    1. state or describe exactly the nature, scope, or meaning of. Give the meaning of.
    2. mark out the limits of.

    The choice we all have is whether we allow life to define us, or whether we chose to define our own lives. The latter being the hardest, yet most satisfying route by far. x

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