I intend to live out my purpose, being happily grandiose

I wrote this poem a year ago.  At that time, my deepest fears had become a reality and I was dealing with a great deal of heartache.  I was beginning to accept that nothing is certain in life and was starting to let go of the perceptions I had about myself and others.  Looking back now, a year later, I am able to start connecting the dots.  At the time of writing this poem I was still learning to love myself and let go of the outcome, truly trusting the process.  So, I am sharing this poem again, as the words are now music to my ears. Time, as the old adage goes, IS a great healer.  Life cannot be forced, there will be wonderful times and times of great sadness, when we struggle to understand the reasons and purpose of certain situations, but remember, we are never given more than we can handle and in the depths of despair, seek comfort in the fact that these moments will pass and you will emerge, as I did, stronger than you ever thought possible.  Seize the day my friends.  Seize it and run wild with it!


The book bound by sadness, is reaching its end

It’s a one-off edition, no sequels to be penned

Held safe, spine to spine, it has really been my mate

It has taught me it’s wise, not to know my own fate


There are many, many chapters, all charting the course

Of a heart-broken woman, getting back on her horse

Tear stained pages, still hold their print well

And on reading them back, I am eased from my shell


My repetitive mantras, all laced with emotion

Held me responsible to myself and have set me in motion

I turned, facing my fear and caught my own eye

Recognising limitations, were what made me shy


Allowance. Allowing. We are designed to be our best

By letting go of control and letting life do the rest

It’s okay not to know, it’s okay to have joy

It’s fantastic knowing I’m everything but the boy


The final pages of resolution, all fill up with light

The potential and possibilities, revealed in plain sight

It is now and forever, the door is open and won’t close

I intend to live out my purpose, being happily grandiose

2 thoughts on “I intend to live out my purpose, being happily grandiose

  1. I had also experienced what you had experienced at that time. It was with me for a long time but, as you said, time healed me as well as one of my most understanding friend being there for me and listening to me when I was most depressed.
    Anyway, great poem as always.

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