Defined by…

Defined by beliefs

Defined by your looks

Defined by the imagery, in magazines and books…


Defined by your past

Defined by mistakes

Defined by the choices, that everyone makes…


Defined by society

Defined by your friends

Defined by the energy, the media expends…


Defined by opinions

Defined by the polls

Defined by the endless, never-ending loopholes…


Defined by your gender

Defined by your sex

Defined by the libido, trademarked by Durex…


Defined by relationships

Defined by your mates

Defined by desires; your likes and your hates…


Defined by ambition

Defined by success

Defined by your drive, to make more out of less…


Defined by definition

Defined by the fact

Defined by your fear and your failure to act…

This Much I Know

Routes are unmapped

And the journey is long

But you’ll know where you’re going

And the places you belong


There’ll be choices you’ve made

That you wish to forget

And there’ll be others you retell

Just as oft as you’re let


Experiences will shape you

With their pattern and design

And when you join up the dots

You can rejoice and not whine


Long days can be followed

By nights spent awake

As you accept your own truth

And you stop being fake


There’s no curtain call here

In this show we call life

Stepping out of your way

Is how to live without strife


It’s for real, no rehearsals

It won’t always make sense

In a world full of players

Packed crowded and dense


But there’s this that I know

That I’ve seen on the faces

Of the people looking busy

As they rush to their places


There’s no fixed destination

I repeat, as it’s true

As your meaning in life

Is defined just by you