What do you want from me?

What is required of me

To bid you farewell?

I try to greet you

Embrace you

As I would a friend

Yet you turn your back

Uncomfortable in my presence

Why do you not face me?

Let me reassure you

That I wish you no harm

Only to release you

From your dark abode

To set you free

To wander content

In new surroundings

For you to see

We have no need of each other

With outstretched arms


You stroked my face

as you hugged me

with your woody embrace

standing tall

on your roots

I held you close


Your woody musk

enveloped my skin

breathing life

into my belly

you led the dance

as we swayed with the wind


You translated secrets

of ancient stories

etched into your bark

an encoded history

written into the symmetry

of perfection


Responding to touch

we outstretched our arms

to the sun

the shared meaning

of two life forms

committed to growth

Surrounded, yet separate

Is a well meaning gesture

A smile etched across lips?

Totally surrounded, yet separate

Standing hands upon hips


Neither broken, nor whole

As I wander unseen

Without thought, without direction

A confined quarantine


Day to day living

Weightless in its appeal

Not a slight indentation

Nothing left to reveal


Dreams far more engaging

Show futility in routine

Such meaningless chitchat

Forges a reality unseen


The depth that I seek

Once expectation is removed

Reveals the script of my life

Nothing needs to be improved


So I turn and look back

And take ownership of me

Releasing all that’s not mine

I become who I should be


Today casts a shadow

On what was yesterday

A subtle reminder

Of the egos malady


Insurmountable troubles

Become a stroll in the park

Worries float away

Without leaving a mark


It’s all in our heads

A mind movie projection

Not worthy of effort

Nor of any introspection


Everyone telling us

Who we should be

Hindering our growth

Our authenticity


Beyond old beliefs

Is our real potential

Who we are really meant to be

The rest inconsequential

You create everything you need

Take a long look at your mind

Don’t be scared.  Step up close

Look beyond age-old judgements

Have a rummage.  Take a nose


If you’ve thought into a dead-end

Take a left and then a sharp right

Go under the bridge of discontentment

Keep the end goal in sight


As the thoughts try to beckon

Have you join in their chat

Be polite and rebuke them

Back away from where they’re sat


Let intuition freely guide you

From your heart and not your head

Wiggle your toes, then step forward

Be awake.  Get out of bed


Know from deep in your knowing

The Universe wants you to succeed

Immerse yourself in the pleasure

You create everything you need