The Magnificent Present

Becoming whole

Centered from my source


In knowing

That everything will

Unfold as intended


Relinquishing control

With alignment

Only my true purpose

Can transpire

With love

And honest intentions


Shared values

Through awareness

Created realisation

Of my seventh sense

Showing the perfection

Within every soul


Stilling my mind

For beauty to bloom

Spoken and felt

Love, the answer to

Every question

Ever asked


That the ego

Attempted to gag

Through fear

Scared of its demise

Forgiveness, gently

Guided it aside






A Shiny Smile ;)

Glancing in the mirror

I am greeted by myself

A shiny smile replies in kind

The true measure of my wealth


No longer scared to catch my eye

Or seeking imagined flaws

Reflecting light, the child within

Is ushered from distant shores


Not taught to look admiringly

Don’t stare! A rule of thumb

Told that self-love is a vanity

Others happy if you’re glum


Shallowness, an issue

When meaning is skin deep

Buying into a youthful currency

Not yet awoken from their sleep


Layer upon layer discarded

Beliefs strewn across the desk

Unshackled from my comfort zone

The outlook picturesque


Naked, my favourite outfit

Clothed only by my skin

Seeing essence beyond the atoms

The ethereal glow within


The extent of recollection

Depends on the mind recollecting

If there wasn’t thought in the delivery

There’ll be far less in the fetching


The awareness of a life doing

Will make way for just being

Attempts to outrun yourself

Reveal the futility of fleeing


The manmade illusion

That the world is unravelling

Can imprison the heart

From its own, soulful travelling


Suspended within reach

Our perfect selves are there floating

Accessible to everyone

Who takes action, rather than quoting


The impermanence of everything

Is the gift of the living

It creates freedom for growth

Our divine purpose is self-serving

Second to None

The dis-ease in your mind, is the denial that you’re great

There is greatness within you, whether you hide or exaggerate


It is true, oh so true, despite seeing it, or not

Release un-wanted conditions, do not let your mind rot


It is true whether you’re focused, on your growth to the stars

It is true whether you’re trapped, behind your own prison bars


You, with hard luck stories, filling megabytes of space!

Deny all you want to, you’re in a self-created chase


Affirm your desire, what you focus on, you create

You are never in the wrong place and it’s never too late


Find your own starting point; be cool with where you’re at

Beliefs change all the time, often depending on where you’re sat


You are really okay.  Yes.  You are allowed to believe

Your desire to be magnificent; it’s the ace up your sleeve


Show more interest in where you’re going, than where you have been

Be mindful of your intentions, as you affirm all you dream


You create your own life, by the thoughts that you practice

There’ll always be influences, don’t be preoccupied with injustice


You choose the tone of your questioning,  so are you asking the right one?

Believe in your magnificence without measurement, you are second to none!

Trusting Intuition

Looking through old photos

Seen with new eyes

An apparent wholeness of being

In two-dimensional minutiae


The aliveness projecting

From the pixellated print

Is an external reminder

Life’s a privilege, not a sprint


Savouring experiences

New lessons always learnt

A blueprint, perhaps?

Life can still leave you burnt


It’s a risk always worth taking

Sometimes a love becomes lost

By relinquishing control

There’s nothing left to accost


Trusting intuition

Seeing perfection in old flaws

Stepping into life’s purpose

No safety net, or guarantors


Looking back is only useful

If grounded firmly in the now

Or the image becomes distorted

A new tint added somehow

Age old pebbles

Age old pebbles

Formed through nature’s touch

Their sturdy rotund form

A hand held crutch


Timelessly worn

Each beautifully unique

Their wave beaten holes

A conduit to speak


Subtle vibrations

Create stoic harmonies

A stark reminder

Of man made inadequacies


Similar, not separate

Collectively whole

Reminds that perfection

Is removed from the soul


Sun soaked warmth

Give heat to the hand

Solid and supporting

Our ever evolving stand