The extent of recollection

Depends on the mind recollecting

If there wasn’t thought in the delivery

There’ll be far less in the fetching


The awareness of a life doing

Will make way for just being

Attempts to outrun yourself

Reveal the futility of fleeing


The manmade illusion

That the world is unravelling

Can imprison the heart

From its own, soulful travelling


Suspended within reach

Our perfect selves are there floating

Accessible to everyone

Who takes action, rather than quoting


The impermanence of everything

Is the gift of the living

It creates freedom for growth

Our divine purpose is self-serving

I know just what to do

No longer coerced

I am following my lead

My moments expanding

My soul, I have freed


Growing, unstunted

Unconsciously held

My wings are unfurling

At once self-propelled


I spin in my centre

Am whole through my core

The subterfuge’d sadness

Shown straight through the door


Reasons unquantified…

Just not worth the words

Previous programming

So laughable and absurd


Freedom… A feeling

All shiny and new

My head is held high

I know just what to do