The Magnificent Present

Becoming whole

Centered from my source


In knowing

That everything will

Unfold as intended


Relinquishing control

With alignment

Only my true purpose

Can transpire

With love

And honest intentions


Shared values

Through awareness

Created realisation

Of my seventh sense

Showing the perfection

Within every soul


Stilling my mind

For beauty to bloom

Spoken and felt

Love, the answer to

Every question

Ever asked


That the ego

Attempted to gag

Through fear

Scared of its demise

Forgiveness, gently

Guided it aside







Words are more than their letters and how they are arranged

Uttered from unstable minds, they become totally deranged


They can cause some introspection, or make you feel you’re cursed

They can incite the best in all of us and antagonise the worst


They can be sung in celebration, or screamed out in despair

Create an honest form of clarity, or be a burden you must bear


Books upon books are written, pages littered with prose

Recording and then sharing, human victories and woes


Objects upon billboards, demanding to be bought

Never ending promotions; a false happiness being sought


Honest misdirection, in bigger and bolder fonts

Misery perpetrated, by empty, unfulfilled wants


Whispers becoming louder, truths coming into view

Old words rediscovered, a true purpose heard anew