Stop looking to others

Leave disbelief at the door

With your shoes and your socks

And walk fearlessly inside

This is a room with no locks


In this space we are equal

There’s no one to impress

If it makes you more comfortable

Then feel free to undress


Acceptance, the Grail

We all seek to attain

The many excuses we make

Become our only real bane


Take a look round the space

You think of as your mind

Explore all of the avenues

That your thoughts try to find


Suspend those connections

Hard wired and so false

We are not manmade objects

As we all have a pulse


Our literal world

Is fragmenting our spirit

Turning wondrous experiences

Into mere badges of merit


This journey we’re offered

Has no guarantee in place

Nor is it a trial to endure

Or a futile drag-race


We all rock in our own way

You have nothing to prove

So stop looking to others

To find your own groove

The pavement of life

Avoiding the cracks

On the pavement of life

Is impossible to achieve

As the pitfalls are rife


Loose pavings abound

So take care as you step

Solely focusing on your feet

Makes the journey a schlepp


You may fall, you may graze

As the path isn’t mapped

If you reach a dead-end

It’s your mind that’s entrapped


You can follow the course

In the footsteps of others

Create a false sense of self

The destination, another’s


So be brave as you venture

Stepping out of your way

Accept the rough with the smooth

In turn seizing your day

Is it possible?

Is it possible to be aware?

To have clear presence of mind

Release the grip of others who

Still cast their glance behind


Is it possible to reconcile?

The facts from all the fiction

To expect another to be far more

Than mere round-the-houses diction


Is it possible to be fulfilled?

Brimming over with another

Overflowing with sweet contentment

To adore, but not to smother


Is it possible to really discern?

Who is awake and who is not

A way to truly determine

True potential from the rot


Is it possible to surrender?

Accept all, that is unknown

Maintaining heart-felt certainty

In knowing you’re not alone


Is it possible to abundantly create?

With intelligent design

A veritable lover and companion

Neither a victim nor a swine

Become your own hero

Get into the game

Do not hold yourself back

Awaken your best self

And take up the slack


Clarify uncertainties

Have courage; speak your truth

False assumptions, just that

No one is bulletproof


Do not put off living

For some future event

Do not presume what will happen

Take big risks to circumvent


Seize all opportunities

Do not play small

The fear behind resistance

Stops you being your all


Live your life backwards

Where will you be at the end?

Make the choices to get there

Truly embark, don’t pretend


Betrayal and limitations

Are all your own work

Question your beliefs

This task, you cannot shirk


Let all of your talents

See the pure light of day

Become your own hero

And live life your way

Game Plan

Get a big piece of paper

It’s an almighty list

For your game plan needs writing

Don’t worry details; get the gist


Think back to your childhood

Of what filled you with joy

Lose the concept of money

Come on there, don’t be coy


Grab a permanent marker

Don’t let your thinking be small

What’s your driving ambition?

Create magic; it’s your call!


Walk barefoot through possibilities

Ideas lapping over your feet

With synchronicity your partner

Remove the chaff from the wheat


Think outside of the box

There’s no limit to a dream

Feel the tingle of excitement

Do not censor the extreme


What do you really love doing?

What lights up your heart?

Do you think you’re not worthy?

Or don’t know where to start?


Do you want to climb Everest?

Have huskies pull your sleigh?

Then create those opportunities

Remove your ego; seize the day


We’re designed to succeed

There is nothing you can’t do

Your comfort zone imagined

A shake-up well overdue


This list is your dream board

As you carve your own stone

It is your personal blueprint

The road back to your throne