Game Plan

Get a big piece of paper

It’s an almighty list

For your game plan needs writing

Don’t worry details; get the gist


Think back to your childhood

Of what filled you with joy

Lose the concept of money

Come on there, don’t be coy


Grab a permanent marker

Don’t let your thinking be small

What’s your driving ambition?

Create magic; it’s your call!


Walk barefoot through possibilities

Ideas lapping over your feet

With synchronicity your partner

Remove the chaff from the wheat


Think outside of the box

There’s no limit to a dream

Feel the tingle of excitement

Do not censor the extreme


What do you really love doing?

What lights up your heart?

Do you think you’re not worthy?

Or don’t know where to start?


Do you want to climb Everest?

Have huskies pull your sleigh?

Then create those opportunities

Remove your ego; seize the day


We’re designed to succeed

There is nothing you can’t do

Your comfort zone imagined

A shake-up well overdue


This list is your dream board

As you carve your own stone

It is your personal blueprint

The road back to your throne

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