There is no now, or never

Is your life full to the brim

With what you’re told to do?

Overflowing with other’s opinions

That are neither relevant nor true


It is time to make your debut

Remove the shackles of your past

Sow the seeds of pure potential

We’re not designed to be typecast


Judgement kills the spirit

Will just keep you small

Imprisons carefree thinking

We’re really here to have a ball


There is no now, or never

In this moment is where we stand

The integrity gap then narrows

Life unfolding as was planned


Abundance, not a state of mind

Not an ego created prize

Acceptance is what creates the space

For your purpose to materialise


Words are more than their letters and how they are arranged

Uttered from unstable minds, they become totally deranged


They can cause some introspection, or make you feel you’re cursed

They can incite the best in all of us and antagonise the worst


They can be sung in celebration, or screamed out in despair

Create an honest form of clarity, or be a burden you must bear


Books upon books are written, pages littered with prose

Recording and then sharing, human victories and woes


Objects upon billboards, demanding to be bought

Never ending promotions; a false happiness being sought


Honest misdirection, in bigger and bolder fonts

Misery perpetrated, by empty, unfulfilled wants


Whispers becoming louder, truths coming into view

Old words rediscovered, a true purpose heard anew

The path to authenticity

Integrity; the intention

Of becoming and being whole

Through awakening the mind

Body, heart and soul


The path to authenticity

To a life of just being

Is through acceptance, enjoyment

And the excitement of doing


Trust; accountability

That can only start with you

If you can’t walk the walk

Then you can’t expect others to


Centring and grounding

A knowing, not a thought

Let go of old beliefs

The wrong lessons taught


Forgiveness, the answer

To the question of blame

Projection the constant replay

Of societies make-believe game

It’s time to leave the foyer

It is

What it is

There is nothing to dispute

The synchronicity of time

Is acceptance, not refute


Without knowing

Is the knowledge

That separation doesn’t exist

Don’t be controlled by the mind

To think is to resist


Observance, the answer

To the question you seek

Feel connected to the source

And let go

There is nothing to tweak



Upon stories

You’re the author, don’t you see!?

This is life you’re creating

But there is no guarantee


You are loved

You are held

There is no penance to pay

Come home to your heart

It’s time to leave the foyer


Do not let the media

Fill you with fear

You know what you know

The facts you should hear


This life is a journey

We’re all part of the plan

Listen to the voice of your being

You know you should and you can


Wake up to this moment

Make all your dreams real

All you know is inside you

They’re the emotions you feel


Resolve to live life

To the very highest level

Let consciousness guide you

Don’t let your ego dishevel


Kindness and love

And mastering your mind

Are your primary purpose

For acceptance of mankind