The dressing-up box of life

The dressing-up box of life

All the costumes you’ll need

Always something to suit

From a plaid to a tweed


Do not use clothes to hide

Feelings need to be aired

By always covering up

Your soul cannot be bared


Expression is honest

Does not cost you a dime

The opinions of others

Just a meaningless mime


Pull on trousers in confidence

And a T-shirt of pride

Add a poncho of humour

Wear whatever you decide


Mismatched socks of intent

Darn the hole on your heel

Uniformity not required

It just limits your zeal


Put your hands in the pockets

Of your jeans of goodwill

The shoes of expectation

They are not yours to fill


That old, well-worn jumper

With a leather patched sleeve

An old favourite unravelling

Your own unique weave