Opinions are like arse holes

Opinions are like arse holes

Everyone’s got a behind

Flatulent views filling spaces

Mostly unpleasant; rarely kind


Unsolicited advice.  Lobbed

Like grenades into the breach

Confidence the victim

Of a blood sucking leach


What is mankind’s impulsion

To perpetuate their own shit?

They should re-examine the horizon

From the high horse where they sit


Words overflow in chat rooms

Binary wants and coded lore

Hold society in a stronghold

Insisting what we need, is More


The television also accountable

For two-dimensional advice

Producers salivating at conflict

People’s hearts, their merchandise


Time to examine your reason

For hanging with this crowd

Is your true sense of worth

Really just another’s dark cloud?


Never ending columns of newsprint

Constrict our breathing, to produce

To take them at pure face value

Puts society’s head in the noose