Lies have spun, a web so vast

The truth, no longer seen

A history not replete with fact

On make-believe, you wean


Words, cast with apparent ease

Unsteady they do stand

Illusions of, what did occur

Integrity, a foreign land


Hiding in the shadows now

The lessons to be learnt

Will you stand and face yourself

Or continue to be burnt?


Judgements mirror, your own mind

Reflecting how you feel

The chaos, just a smoke screen

Of all the promises you steal

My Wardrobe

My wardrobe was defenceless

As I set forth on my cull

To strip bare every hanger

To be decisive and not mull


Clothes littered every surface

Synthetic fibres filled the floor

From the vintage to the modern

As I emptied every drawer


Moth-riddled knits, of old assumptions

Threadbare, unravelling at the seams

No longer held the pure allure

Of their purchase-day, bought dreams


Jeans of different coloured denims

Bought to lift and shape and tuck

Promises broken like their zippers

Now in a pile and ready to chuck


Of all the glittering dresses

That did confidently project

A shiny armour of pretence

Their own bias, just circumspect


Stylish layers of anticipation

To wear close and to the skin

No longer touched, by hands of another

Are now lifeless and wearing thin


Too much material to handle

In garments for every event

Just a preoccupied illusion

Of my cloth-made discontent

Only so much thinking


We’ve thought ourselves into a corner

Got ourselves in a really tight bind

By believing we know all the answers

That we can implement change, with our mind


Society is festering, in stagnation

Beyond the hype, there is rot at its core

Our days of denial are numbered

Our shelf-life, is indefinite no more


There really is, only so much thinking

That can carry, the almighty weight

Of the lumbering, half-asleep masses

Who must be woken, before it’s too late


To take stock of their need to accumulate

To displace their own feelings of guilt

Which ironically create far more problems

In this foundation-less world we have built


Who are they, banking all of the billions?

That are bringing this world to its knees

To whom do we owe all this money?

It’s time to reveal, the greedy loanees


We all have a choice not to follow

But it requires us to face our worst fear

And to see that it’s all an illusion

When we do that, it will all disappear