What a fool I had been, but no fool am I now!

As a child I was told, how I ought to behave,

that the doctrine of others, was what made me brave.

Within those confines, I did not flourish, nor grow,

my dreams became limited and desire could not flow.


I stumbled along blindly, trying to discern my own way,

ignoring intuition, found her words to be bray.

Mismatched with existence, at great odds with myself,

with no respect for my currency; the coinage of my wealth.


Although held by the moon, my fear swelled with each dawn,

my mind strangled freewill, saw any choice as a thorn.

It continually re-routed, just to champion its own plan,

thoughts blurring the edges, of where I ended or began.


For years this continued, for years I was lost…

For decades a mere puppet, until my own heart had been crossed.

And as the beating did stop, and all the pieces were shattered,

only then did I awake, to the reality of what mattered.


What a fool I had been, but no fool am I now!

There will never be another master, to whom I will bow.

My ache is my own, the true gift of existence,

my courage and self-worth, the real armour of persistence.


I’ve seen the blueprints, I’ve seen the plan

The permutations of could, can’t and can

The present’s arrived and taken my hand

Showing me I am everything, but bland


My courage unveiled, I know I am strong

The Universe holds me, when my path is wrong

I recognise my judgements, they all come from me

From times when my heart and mind disagree


I believe in all that I am, life isn’t a thought

I know what I know; the lessons have been taught

Letting go of old concepts, that no longer serve

Living the life my ego says, I do not deserve


There’s no need for control; there never ever was

I followed like a lemming; society saying ‘because’

My concept of perfect, now turned on its head

By unlocking my child, I am no longer dead


I cannot be held by projections, or fear

Nor feel an obligation, to those I hold dear

I’m an amazing woman; I’m all my own work

To not live life wondrously, well I’d be a real berk…

A story with no finish…

Your name now a stranger,

in person and in ink.

My heart held a safe distance,

from the torturous brink,

of a misplaced belonging

that carried no weight,

the emotive, sad rivers

still continue to abate

and courage, now magnified;

my soul stands, to applaud.

Gently nudged forward,

newly born, self-assured.

Within the safety of worth,

the lies now can diminish.

Another chapter unwritten,

of a story with no finish…


To build with desire

A life that’s all mine

To build with true purpose

My energetic design


To reflect the moon beams

And to bathe in its light

To reflect on my past

Yet keep the present in sight


To experience true wholeness

Being held by my heart

To experience with intensity

The life, I wish to impart


To believe in the goodness

That bestows humankind

To believe I have courage

That I’m truly aligned


To create with intention

Be the true architect

To create with abundance

All that I deem, to expect

Make this the moment


Step out from the shadows

Cast by your self-doubt

Throwing open the shutters

You can flood your own drought


By allowing all of your dreams

To see the pure light of day

No umbilical cord of failure

There are no rules to obey


Know that you are always enough

Always where you should be

You do yourself a disservice

If you remain a mute attendee


There is no silver platter

Not one of us is owed

Courage holds the future’s hand

Revealing all we’re bestowed


So make this the moment

When you seize with both hands

The life you’ve always imagined

In vast undiscovered lands

Know you are utterly, perfect

Are you a slave to routine?

Or a slave to your mind?

Or a slave to the fears

That now riddle mankind?


Those invisible shackles

Are locked only by thought

Fictitious, limiting beliefs

Of which many are taught


Surrender takes courage

A lengthening of stride

A desire to be better

To encompass, not divide


Are you only counting days

Of a life, to get through?

Anxiety pandemic

Acquiring more, a virtue


Wake up from your sleep!

Seize the present; it’s a gift

Know you are utterly, perfect

Then start to heal your own rift