The Universe’s Pull

My stride is long

I’m stepping out

Beyond projection’s gaze

Assumption’s trailing

Out of sight

Stumbling over a phrase

Doubt is packed

With worry and fear

And posted non-return

Potential’s cup

Now overflows

Possibilities at every turn

Choices float

Just within reach

I’ve stuffed my pockets full

My head held high

I ebb and flow

With the Universe’s pull

Make this the moment


Step out from the shadows

Cast by your self-doubt

Throwing open the shutters

You can flood your own drought


By allowing all of your dreams

To see the pure light of day

No umbilical cord of failure

There are no rules to obey


Know that you are always enough

Always where you should be

You do yourself a disservice

If you remain a mute attendee


There is no silver platter

Not one of us is owed

Courage holds the future’s hand

Revealing all we’re bestowed


So make this the moment

When you seize with both hands

The life you’ve always imagined

In vast undiscovered lands

The observer is observed

It is a time to rejoice

When your heart is set free

Releasing traps of the past

You attain tranquility


Nothing lost, all is found

The invitation’s arrived

Let the exploration begin

Into the unknown you have dived


Becoming of service to self

Without fear you now walk

No longer doubting the path

No longer too scared to talk


Clearly hearing your truth

Now aware of free will

The observer is observed

The chapter’s all yours to fill