To build with desire

A life that’s all mine

To build with true purpose

My energetic design


To reflect the moon beams

And to bathe in its light

To reflect on my past

Yet keep the present in sight


To experience true wholeness

Being held by my heart

To experience with intensity

The life, I wish to impart


To believe in the goodness

That bestows humankind

To believe I have courage

That I’m truly aligned


To create with intention

Be the true architect

To create with abundance

All that I deem, to expect

Presence intact

Brighton Pier

The sun dances on the water

Stars rising from beneath

The seaweed on the shoreline

Forms a natural, coastal wreath


Lovers hugged by all their layers

Lying in their warm embrace

The elderly cocooned by blankets

Countless memories, they retrace


Young hands are building castles

Singing aloud, their own delight

Parents lost in checking iPhones

Communing only through satellite


Brave souls both shoe and sock-less

Wade in water, barely thawed

From the frosty, icy winter

Toes emerging cold and gnawed


Greasy smells of fish and chips

Mix with, the salty air

Attracting fearless seagulls

Bombard the tourists, unaware


The half-moon, observes in silence

Caressing pebbles with its gaze

Sharing the sky in daylight

Within its lunar cyclical phase


Myself, I sit and remember

Knowing this is where we sat

When we made out lifelong promise

Your presence remains intact