I’ve seen the blueprints, I’ve seen the plan

The permutations of could, can’t and can

The present’s arrived and taken my hand

Showing me I am everything, but bland


My courage unveiled, I know I am strong

The Universe holds me, when my path is wrong

I recognise my judgements, they all come from me

From times when my heart and mind disagree


I believe in all that I am, life isn’t a thought

I know what I know; the lessons have been taught

Letting go of old concepts, that no longer serve

Living the life my ego says, I do not deserve


There’s no need for control; there never ever was

I followed like a lemming; society saying ‘because’

My concept of perfect, now turned on its head

By unlocking my child, I am no longer dead


I cannot be held by projections, or fear

Nor feel an obligation, to those I hold dear

I’m an amazing woman; I’m all my own work

To not live life wondrously, well I’d be a real berk…

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