Control Alt Delete

Control alt delete

No longer an uninvited visitor…

with the voyeurism of an inquisitor.

Enlisting the engines of obscurity,

satisfying nothing more, than bit-form curiosity.


With control, I alt-delete my recent history,

the continual refresh button of adultery.

Hiding from myself that I so, so cared.

I return home, clearing the screen of how he fared.


In his absence, he slowly scrolls out of view,

without needing to restart, I am able to renew.

Disappearing off the monitor of life, with a click,

with the apparent ease, of one dipping their wick.


Updates downloading of their own accord,

virus free, I log into the new and unexplored.

Replacing my old software with a new program,

seeing through the self-created hologram.

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