before I head back to Tinder…

I wear my indifference,

like the Emperor’s new clothes.

A placid disposition?

A catalogue of woes?

I’m tired of remoulding,

every ounce of my being.

In order to fit in,

with what I ought to be fleeing.

My crime is believing,

the sweet, honey lies.

The bullshit dished out,

by shallow, insecure guys.

There’s got to be a man,

who can love and adore.

An eccentric, unique lady,

for now and evermore.

‘Cos I’m getting quite cynical,

it has to be said.

That I only get praise,

When I’m giving good head.

What happened to chivalry,

does it no longer exist?

In this man-eat-woman world,

of the emotional rapist.

I don’t want to become tainted,

don’t want to be bitter.

But I get more love and support

from my followers on Twitter.

Yet no one can stop me,

no one can hinder…

I just need a safe refuge,

before I head back to Tinder…

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