before I head back to Tinder…

I wear my indifference,

like the Emperor’s new clothes.

A placid disposition?

A catalogue of woes?

I’m tired of remoulding,

every ounce of my being.

In order to fit in,

with what I ought to be fleeing.

My crime is believing,

the sweet, honey lies.

The bullshit dished out,

by shallow, insecure guys.

There’s got to be a man,

who can love and adore.

An eccentric, unique lady,

for now and evermore.

‘Cos I’m getting quite cynical,

it has to be said.

That I only get praise,

When I’m giving good head.

What happened to chivalry,

does it no longer exist?

In this man-eat-woman world,

of the emotional rapist.

I don’t want to become tainted,

don’t want to be bitter.

But I get more love and support

from my followers on Twitter.

Yet no one can stop me,

no one can hinder…

I just need a safe refuge,

before I head back to Tinder…

My First Date…

The words fell from his mouth, in an audible traction

The large gaps in intent, an unfortunate distraction

Opinions heavy with prose, exposed a man of inaction

Nudging forward an opinion, I looked for bantered interaction

His profile was witty, of his age… a liberal subtraction

He had an air of importance and an arrogant satisfaction

No generosity on his part; a clear monetary protraction

I nodded and smiled, whilst scoping exits for my extraction

His intent, it appeared, was for a physical exaction

‘It’s all about me!’, explained his social contraction

So I bid him farewell and his crass benefaction

Knowing I’d never again repeat, this dating transaction


Leap of Faith

Your dreams filled my mind,

replacing logic

with a desire

to escape from the drudgery

of a dog-eared life.



in its offering.

A one-sided expectation,

to leap into the arms,

of not even a promise.

Abundant willingness,

tethered to the reality of experience;

the scars of my healed past,

rightly lighting my way.

Both of us deaf,

to the pulse and beat of the other.

Judged by tone and geography

rather than the sensory magic

of meeting in the flesh.