A to Z (Parts One to Eight)

Part One

Another beautiful concept dances elegantly forward, grandly honouring itself.

Jettisoned kisses lick mouthes neatly; opiate performances quietly restored.

Soft talk unveiled words, x-raying yesterday’s zeal.


Part Two

Actual boredom comes down, effectively, from granting habitual internalization.

Joyfulness kills lethargy, making Now officiously powerful.

Question relentlessly, stay tuned Universally, verifying wisdom; xeriscape your zone.


Part Three

Autonomously being, creates diverse experiences, forever giving happiness internally.

Judgement kills love, makes nonsense of purity, quietens respect, sadly tarnishing…

Underhand values, wield xen yakking Zionists!


Part Four

Actually being, caps doing. Enjoy feeling great happiness; inner joy.

Knowledge loves minds. Narcissism obtrudes profoundly.

QUESTION! Really suspend thinking. Uncover vitality without x-raying your zest.


Part Five

Astounding beauty cascades down everywhere. Feel gratitude. Honour it.

Joviality keeps love meaningful. Nature opens, perpetually questioning; restoring spirits.

Take unlimited views. Welcome xenophobic youths zanily.


Part Six

Auspicious Birthdays come decennially. Evasion fights growth. Honour intentions.

Jocose knowing leaves mankind nourished. Offer people quality, resist self-sabotage totally.

Ubiquitous valour welcomes x-factor yearly; zestfully.


Part Seven

A believed, contrary disbelief, encompassing foreign gall. Hiatus internationally.

Jokers keek. Life muddled. Nothing obvious. Personality quell.

Resolved spirit tantamount. Underneath veils, Wizards xenograft your zeal.


Part Eight

Astounding bullshit cascades down. Everything’s forgotten.

Gesticulated honour implied jokingly. Keepsakes lost. Memories negated.

Opportunities past. Questions raised seriously. Truths undressed vibrantly. Words x-rayed. Years zapped.

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