The empty page beckons me. The

metaphor not lost on my heart,

where the blood pumps

steady, moving gently through

the scarred atriums.

The pieces of my life scattered when

you betrayed my trust, blurring

my horizon into obscurity.

Your love withdrawn silently.

A wordless retraction, without honour

or thought, beyond keeping yourself safe.

I watched you closely, searching

the no man’s land you had created. Cowardly

retreating into a foreign bunker, held

by the mind of a woman, steadfast

on fulfilling her own desires. Greedy,

with her own lust, to possess

what was not hers to possess.

Actions speak louder than words!

Innumerable options, all present in time

The stumbling block just the voice in your mind

To say you’re not worthy; a veritable crime

Actions speak louder than words!


Don’t waste all your life, making list upon list

Or expect a quick cure from an online druggist

It’s pointless and futile; it’s plain defeatist

Actions speak louder than words!


So you think you’re not worthy, so why give a damn?

You’re bumbling along nicely, believing the sham

Asleep on autopilot, in a matrix program

Actions speak louder than words!


You’ve made the excuses and justified them all

Yet you still feel unsafe and your glass is half full

Can you see you’ve created the means to keep small?

Actions speak louder than words!


There’s only this moment; it’s never too late

Don’t be hard on yourself, there’s no need to berate

Take that first step, I guarantee you’ll feel great

Actions speak louder than words!


So believe you are perfect; you are meant to soar

There’s nothing you can’t do, when you trust from your core

You’re magnificent! Unique! So use your allure!

Actions speak louder than words!