The One Note Wonder

The One Note Wonder

With only one note

He would tweet night and day

Just this one soulful sound

That was all he could play


He’d spend time alone

Just to work on a tune

But the same note emerged

Every day, night and noon


Nowhere else in the land

Was there such a sad bird

For no-one took delight

In the noise that they heard


Even worms, they would giggle

At this repetitive sound

Saying the rain had more rhythm

When its drops hit the ground


So he worked on his whistle

For all he was worth

And ignored when the others

Gave his nest a wide berth


Yet he longed to make friends

With the birds who could sing

To be part of their concerts

Have a spring in his wing


But he felt so alone

And had no self-belief

Yet with only one note

Could he convey his deep grief


Days and months he spent moping

Feeling sorry for himself

Then realised what he was doing

Was just bad for his health


“I may not be songful

Sing a sweet lullaby

But I’ve something to say

So I must hold my head high”


So he flew branch to branch

Telling all those who’d hear

“I’m the Best One Note Wonder

In the Whole Hemisphere”