The Smorgasbord of Life

Come sit here a while, scoot up real close

Let me tell you a tale, that’s both wise and grandiose

Firstly empty your mind, of the trials of your day

So you’re fully relaxed, with no thoughts in the way


Close your eyes as you listen, so you picture the scene

Of the banqueting hall, of a hostess, and Queen

Who has lived in this castle, since the day of her birth

Though some say she is older, than the seeds of the earth


Her wisdom draws visitors, from as far as Qatar

Who arrive bearing gifts, of fine wine and caviar

She is a friend and a mentor, whom all do applaud

But the real reason for coming, is her unique Smorgasbord


The food all laid out, can transform and renew

It rejuvenates and nourishes, after only one chew

She serves herrings and beetroot, all pickled with intent

And rye bread all smothered, with blissful content


Her saffron spiced pancakes, can mend a broken heart

Refreshing your taste-buds, to ensure a new start

Gingerbread Angels, served with fairy-dust jam

Will discriminate the truth, from the general flimflam


Jellied pork, jellied eels and red jelly with fruit

Can resolve petty quarrels, solve any global dispute

Dishes of potatoes, mashed, scalloped and fried

Whisper to the spirits, of those who have died


When appetites are sated, collective vibrations increase

The frequencies rise and create an inner peace

A soul that’s been nourished, overflows with pure joy

Never fearful of sharing, or seeking a decoy


As the plates are all cleared, there’s a moment to pause

To acknowledge we’re part, of the solution and the cause

We are all deep inside, both a Queen and a King

So it’s important we all shine, and our hearts they do sing