My African Friend


My African friend, she shows me much strength

Although she’s just four, she is on my wavelength

Her Mother, she died, so suddenly one year

Yet she remains always smiling, from ear to ear


To have such a purpose, from such a young age

It heals my heart, while I turn my own page

She shines oh so brightly and holds life so dear

She shows me in life, that there’s nothing to fear


There’s much we can learn, from our own inner child

It teaches us not be meek, or be mild

Her purse it is poor, but her life is so full

She has won me over; shown me how to stand tall


So much time looking back, trying to fathom a reason

When instead we should be living, just season to season

The power of innocence, is so shiny and pure

It can heal your soul and your spirit it can cure


Her beauty shines through, her ever-present eyes

Showing me that love, is something, you cannot disguise

She’s honest, she’s genuine, she’s herself at her core

She’s an Angel in life, whom I love and adore