Knee to knee, shin to shin, bubble to bubble

Within each crease lies my past.

An historic furrow,

burrowing above my eye line.

The platinum curls form

a crown, not yet the weight

of the band, that held our vows.

Safely set aside, to marinate in the salt

distilled from inconsolable tears.

Daily, as the bath fills

I recall us sharing a story,

knee to knee,

shin to shin,

bubble to bubble,

until the burst promises

were replaced by goosebumps.

Had we both outstayed

our welcome of the other?

I wish I had been more courageous.

Stepped out of my mind and body

months, years, a decade earlier.

Yet now on this day, some seven hundred

and twenty since, I stand, proud

of the visual indentations sadness has left

and wrap my right arm, gently

around the shoulder of your memory.

A day like any other

Monday Meme:

Mold of a victim killed in the eruption of Vesuvius at Pompeii in 79 AD

(When they excavated the ruins of Pompeii, they found cavities that were formed by ash and rocks covering the victims.  Archeologists in 1848 poured plaster into the cavities, and revealed the victims’ forms.  Excavations of the ancient city have been ongoing in this area since 1600s).

MondayMeme 2013-10-14pompeii

A day like any other, did my mortal coil unwind

Unraveling the impermanence, the folly of mankind

In permanence, my shadow, is all that remains

The screams of fear silenced, by the dark ashen rains

That enveloped my body and freed me from source

In the eruption of creation, that time continues to indorse

The three-dimensional form, nothing more than a veil

Of humanities powerless hold, over the physical detail