Knee to knee, shin to shin, bubble to bubble

Within each crease lies my past.

An historic furrow,

burrowing above my eye line.

The platinum curls form

a crown, not yet the weight

of the band, that held our vows.

Safely set aside, to marinate in the salt

distilled from inconsolable tears.

Daily, as the bath fills

I recall us sharing a story,

knee to knee,

shin to shin,

bubble to bubble,

until the burst promises

were replaced by goosebumps.

Had we both outstayed

our welcome of the other?

I wish I had been more courageous.

Stepped out of my mind and body

months, years, a decade earlier.

Yet now on this day, some seven hundred

and twenty since, I stand, proud

of the visual indentations sadness has left

and wrap my right arm, gently

around the shoulder of your memory.

Casting Shadows


The sadness

Casts shadows

Unable to find the light

Or the darkness

Of oblivion


Hidden from view

Divided indiscriminately

By others

The pain

Multiplied by memories

That my heart can’t subtract

From the whole

Half finished sentences

Trailing behind me

Waiting to be heard

Which leaves me

Hidden from view

With only sadness

Casting shadows

Across my heart

I Loved You…

I loved you so deeply

I loved without shame

I loved all your theories

I loved without blame


I loved in totality

I loved you with relish

I loved how you thought

I loved every blemish


I loved how you held me

I loved how we shared

I loved your good looks

I loved that you cared


I loved with abandon

I loved with my heart

I loved how you touched me

I loved how we’d impart


I loved what we stood for

I loved how we danced

I loved that you loved me

I loved how you enhanced


I loved holding your hand

I loved smelling your scent

I loved sharing a bed

I loved with honest intent


I loved all our stories

I loved all that I learnt

I loved you my husband

I loved all that we weren’t