Promises were made

in the darkness of shadows.

A reality filling the spaces

between whispered intent.

Oxygen breathing

life into the fiery belly

of a fictional world

where truth is misspent.

Love undersold

in a heartless transaction.

It’s previous owner

removed all the tags.

No longer shiny

it bares the hallmarks of lonely.

Its beauty hidden

beneath a soiled layer of rags.

The Whole Shebang

I caught a glimpse


of what could be;

the potential of

the whole shebang.

Another kindred spirit


lost too in a familiar life.

Shared dreams, aspirations,


by circumstance,

united by certainty,

by the belief

that there is so much more…



to us both.

Continually searching,


purely by thought.


The last peg is stuck fast

in the fertile earth

of my past.

I have kicked,

sworn and cried,

with frustrated understanding,

not noticing

my steadfast hold;

my foot in the door.

One hand tied,

bound by memory.

The other pushing,


grasping at straws.

She’s sowing seeds, she’s burning trees

She’s sowing seeds, she’s burning trees

She’s a Super girl, a Super girl

Sunflowers pulled,


for unfulfilled promises…

My mistake?

Your mistake?

When you’re in love what can go wrong?

The last peg is stuck fast

in the fertile earth

of my past.

I was you…

The end goal,

their sole goal.

A shallow life

bereft of real soul.

They ask,

what it is like

to be old.

To be a postscript

to their prologue;

their ink soaked dreams.

These girls count

their age in fractions.

Eager to experience everything.

To wear it fast and loose.




Blind to their

own beauty.

Individuality main-streamed

A Selfie redeemed

social popularity.

I was you

I tell them.

I was every uncertainty,

every weight,

the hormonal fate

of alien limbs.

Contorting my will

to hide my ignorance,

through a detached indifference.

Perfection is flawed.

I assure them.

I was you,

before I became me.

Everything… And More

Quick as a flash.


Train well…

Life doesn’t excuse.

Doesn’t say,

‘After you…’




Living winds you.

Carries you high

upon clouds

of euphoria.

You slip.

Concentration lapsed.


by procrastination.


allegedly in hot pursuit.

The Pied Piper’s flute.



The truth.


that you brush away.

An irritating buzz,

the perceived sting

of waking up.

Squaring up to life.

Shaking her hand.

Courageously making

your very own stand.

I dare you…

Dare You!

To shake it out.

Shimmy your shoulders.

Undulate your belly.

Reclaim your groove.

There ain’t nothing to improve

in the total perfection,

the sweet recollection.

That You.



And More.


I feel your gaze upon me,

across borders

forever open.

Your eyes seeking

my world;

our voyeuristic double-life,

kept alive by what if…

What could have…

What can be…

What will be…

The thoughts evaporate.

Abbreviated by every breath.

The diaphragm of society

breathing them in,




until they are nothing

more than

hot air greeting cold.

Momentarily seen.

Mislaid instantly.

Lost in the unspoken

silent distance.