Within Reach

What is my life,

by which I seek accord?

My dysfunction the result,

of opinions squatting, uninvited.

My unseen mate,

anonymous in his visibility.

A bond forged,

an unbroken potential,

of another who sees me

as he sees himself.

Torn open by my longing

of his unfeeling touch.

Knowing me,

as I know myself.

To share the love

we both kept distant,

now within reach.

Burning Bridges

The bridge burns fiercely

on a lifetime’s kindling.

(Love has skipped town)

Connections compromised.

Truths floating,

suspended in plain view.

Charred possibilities

still too close to the flames.

A powerful ego dances madly,

extinguishing living potential.

Smoke circles of options dissipate.

White light and love, attempting

to create new pathways

for momentary growth.

The final tear falls.

I turn, walking away.

My own bridge beckoning me.


The empty page beckons me. The

metaphor not lost on my heart,

where the blood pumps

steady, moving gently through

the scarred atriums.

The pieces of my life scattered when

you betrayed my trust, blurring

my horizon into obscurity.

Your love withdrawn silently.

A wordless retraction, without honour

or thought, beyond keeping yourself safe.

I watched you closely, searching

the no man’s land you had created. Cowardly

retreating into a foreign bunker, held

by the mind of a woman, steadfast

on fulfilling her own desires. Greedy,

with her own lust, to possess

what was not hers to possess.

Remember How…

Remember how… we would laugh till we cried

Remember how… it felt with me by your side

Remember how… you were always my beau

Remember how… we learnt to reap what we sow

Remember how… we both danced that first dance

Remember how… we could speak with a glance

Remember how… we would make our own rules

Remember how… it was to behave like mad fools

Remember how… I loved you tickling my back

Remember how… we knew our lives had no lack

Remember how… you smiled when I entered the room

Remember how… you looked as my beautiful groom

Remember how… I cried when I couldn’t understand

Remember how… I reached to always hold your hand

You’ve chosen your path

I’ve been looking behind now

For far, far too long

At the choices I’ve made

Discern where I went wrong


Was it me, was it you?

Was it beyond our control?

Unencumbered, we embark

Toward a shiny new goal


My mind’s gone in circles

On a continuous loop

Senselessly replaying

When I need to regroup


The embrace of the sadness

Now loosens its grip

And I unhook all the tubes

Of the love-laden drip


Evicted from my dreams

No assumptions are made

You’ve chosen your path

Your resolve was unswayed


I had wanted the chance

To reconcile how you left

To say goodbye properly

To show that I was bereft

Expect to Expect

Expect life to teach you, all you need know

Expect to reap just, as much as you sow

Expect to receive, all the love you are worth

Expect to discover, your soul purpose of birth

Expect to make sense, of the lessons you’ll learn

Expect to have times, when you’ll need to discern

Expect life to give you, what you need at that time

Expect to face peaks, over which you must climb

Expect to be taught, that truth is not always told

Expect to have moments, when you’ll have to be bold

Expect to find love, to be swept off your feet

Expect to be honoured, by those who mistreat

Expect to expect, you are one of a kind

Expect you are just, as the Universe designed