Allow life to happen

To-ing and fro-ing, all at great speed

Humanity’s running to fulfil what it needs


Without thought, without purpose, yet wanting control

That’s the surest way to dig the deepest black hole


Life isn’t done to us, we’re all part of the cause

A connection to life, always opens the right doors


Humility and kindness, we’re all one and the same

Be a reflection of love, serve your purpose without shame


Tribes offer safety, they can also stagnate

Your brightness and sparkle is what they abate


Be still in your body and still in your mind

Enlightenment comes, it’s not something to find


There is form and there’s formless; distinguish the two

Allow life to happen, to flow effortlessly through you

You create everything you need

Take a long look at your mind

Don’t be scared.  Step up close

Look beyond age-old judgements

Have a rummage.  Take a nose


If you’ve thought into a dead-end

Take a left and then a sharp right

Go under the bridge of discontentment

Keep the end goal in sight


As the thoughts try to beckon

Have you join in their chat

Be polite and rebuke them

Back away from where they’re sat


Let intuition freely guide you

From your heart and not your head

Wiggle your toes, then step forward

Be awake.  Get out of bed


Know from deep in your knowing

The Universe wants you to succeed

Immerse yourself in the pleasure

You create everything you need


Do not let the media

Fill you with fear

You know what you know

The facts you should hear


This life is a journey

We’re all part of the plan

Listen to the voice of your being

You know you should and you can


Wake up to this moment

Make all your dreams real

All you know is inside you

They’re the emotions you feel


Resolve to live life

To the very highest level

Let consciousness guide you

Don’t let your ego dishevel


Kindness and love

And mastering your mind

Are your primary purpose

For acceptance of mankind