Find Yourself


The thinking mind

Be still

And totally accepting


Know you are


To everything




An impossibility


A necessity




Outdated opinions

Kept alive by others


Discard all

Unlabeled luggage

Lighting up

The darkness


Of your consciousness

Forgiving yourself


Accept you are perfect


Then step forward

Find yourself

In a new place

Just being


The promiscuity of modern beliefs

Are generally bound by fiction

Can the truth of life today

Be found in Google diction?


Look to the past, follow your heart

Look beyond the constructs of fear

We are not the sum of our intellect

That’s so not the reason we’re here


Go into yourself, to find what’s real

There is a purpose inside us all

The veil is lifting, intentions unleashed

It’s time to scale the wall


Observe your connection to the universal divine

We’re far more than flesh and blood

The excitement comes when you see the con

It hits home with a real thud


To live with unease is a paradox

It’s becoming an epidemic disease

We are connected to everything, everywhere

We’re just one of many species


The path to evolve, to heal the world

Comes from us, not those who govern

Reclaim your birthright, you are part of the plan

Be the high priestess of your coven


Resolve to live life, to its very highest level

This means embracing the good; sidestepping the devil

Do not interfere in what does not concern you

Jealousy of others is the egos real virtue


We all make wrong decisions, from time to time

For them to become a mantle, well that’s the real crime

Humans project, it’s an outdated time-setting

Be grounded and present, only you do the letting


The Universe wants us, to all shine and grow

Observe how it’s others that can make you feel low

With that in your mind and forgiveness in your heart

Let others make their choices, it’s their journey to chart


Of course you feel invested, you’re human, you care

But who are we really to be the judge and compare?

It’s time to view life from a newly evolved state

To trust our intuition; it is never too late


The old adage is true, we say it often without thought

Walk a mile in another’s shoes, before you exhort

Let’s drop all the crap, allow others to just be

Turn our focus on our own lives, be our own hearts trustee

Where are you?

The sound of the rain

As it falls from the sky

Makes me feel such a sadness

And question the why


I stand in the garden

Getting soaked to the skin

Trying to make sense

Of my feelings within


Where are you in spirit?

Where are you in form?

Do you still feel our connection?

Know we needn’t conform?


I dream of you embracing

My body and soul

Of feeling safe in the knowledge

We make one another whole


Am I naive to even think

That we could go back to the start?

Creating a new equal partnership

Of which we both can impart?


Patience, not my virtue

I know that’s the truth

I want to know what’s the outcome

Trying to be my own sleuth…


So many stories to share

So much water under the bridge

Are you even reading these words?

Whilst out on your ridge?

Your potential is magnificent

The desire to belittle, to resent others gain

Comes from fear of inadequacy; a jealous disdain

Stop looking around, to make your life whole

Dissatisfaction comes, when perfection is your goal


We live in a time full of promise and joy

Apprehension a feeling, a thinking decoy

Life doesn’t happen, don’t be dragged by its pull

Look closely at your glass and you’ll see it’s brimful


Others don’t judge, we just do that all on our own

Old projections and beliefs, need to now be outgrown

Take time to view others through their eyes, not yours

Encourage them with love and a raucous applause


Know what you know, from deep in your knowing

There’s a magical connection in our coming and going

We are alive at this time to remember lessons learnt

Don’t be held back by the mindless can’t, shan’t or won’t


Your ego will fight to keep you locked in your head

But let go of control, sever the gridlock of dread

Have faith in your abilities, you are everything and more

Your potential is magnificent, now let yourself soar

My new pen

Oh, my new pen is far more

Than the fountain of  my youth

It just flows with intent

Softly uncovering its truth


Its carefree strokes

Leave a slow drying mark

Ink and paper merging gracefully

Lighting up the dark


I am loving its slender

Long form in my hand

Relaxed fingers just allowing

Words to make their own stand


Letters grow, as if vying

For their fair share of ink

Present energy creating

No requirement to think


Such beauty. Such form.

The start of a new affair

Such fun we’ll have creating

We’ll go here, there and everywhere