Fairy Tales


My youthful mind, it did adore

the fairy tales of old.

I believed in all the fables

of the stories being told.


A Princess woken by a kiss

after many years a slumber.

By a young Knight, on his stead

whose enemies did outnumber.


In disguise, a big bad wolf

who entrapped and spread deceit.

The truth would out and he’d be slain

killed by his own conceit.


Horse drawn carriages made of gold

transported me in dreams.

Carried me off to far away lands

beyond nightmarish screams.


Children caught by a wicked witch

A cat who walked in boots.

A singing apple, a speaking bird

Step sisters in cahoots.


Love and truth would conquer all

be the savour of mankind.

Such were the romantic inklings

Of a naive, innocent mind.

My First Date…

The words fell from his mouth, in an audible traction

The large gaps in intent, an unfortunate distraction

Opinions heavy with prose, exposed a man of inaction

Nudging forward an opinion, I looked for bantered interaction

His profile was witty, of his age… a liberal subtraction

He had an air of importance and an arrogant satisfaction

No generosity on his part; a clear monetary protraction

I nodded and smiled, whilst scoping exits for my extraction

His intent, it appeared, was for a physical exaction

‘It’s all about me!’, explained his social contraction

So I bid him farewell and his crass benefaction

Knowing I’d never again repeat, this dating transaction


Misplaced Belonging


Your name now a stranger,

in person and in ink.

My heart held a safe distance,

from the torturous brink,

of a misplaced belonging

that carried no weight,

the emotive sad rivers,

continue to abate

yet courage is magnified;

my soul stands to applaud.

I am gently nudged forward,

newly born, self-assured.

Within the safety of worth,

the lies start to diminish.

Another chapter unwritten,

of a story with no finish…

A poem a day…

I took up the challenge, with gusto and pride

For the next thirty days, I was set to abide

To create on the hoof, or create at my desk

A poem a day, that would be statuesque

Some days words would flow, with delight and accord

On others I would feel, like a veritable fraud

There were sandwiches prepared, that were fit for a Queen

The importance of reconciling, with all that had been

I remembered my lover, wondering where he was now

Felt the warmth of the sunshine, upon my smooth brow

I considered the advice, of what others thought best

I couldn’t sleep due to nightmares, was unable to rest

There were unconscious connections, abound between friends

And what I would do, with the global dividends

I encouraged all to wake up;  go out seize the day

To be vigilant of individuals, who get in the way

There was the woman who created, her very own demise

To live with integrity, means no compromise

Tensions were broken, and then calmness did reign

I suggested frivolity, can help you keep sane

There are friends to avoid; we all know the type…

I didn’t care, to care, and took a moment to gripe

I suspended old beliefs, within the cosmos of space

Letting life simply play out; we are not in a race

In a grand banqueting hall, was more mention of food

A reminder that we’re enough, and should all be valued

That by knowing our truth, we become our own master

And that when loneliness comes, it is not a disaster

In finding your own rhythm, you will dance to your beat

So don’t do too much thinking, or vocally excrete

So I thank you for reading, for all taking the time

For a month full of prose, of which, some did rhyme.

Only so much thinking


We’ve thought ourselves into a corner

Got ourselves in a really tight bind

By believing we know all the answers

That we can implement change, with our mind


Society is festering, in stagnation

Beyond the hype, there is rot at its core

Our days of denial are numbered

Our shelf-life, is indefinite no more


There really is, only so much thinking

That can carry, the almighty weight

Of the lumbering, half-asleep masses

Who must be woken, before it’s too late


To take stock of their need to accumulate

To displace their own feelings of guilt

Which ironically create far more problems

In this foundation-less world we have built


Who are they, banking all of the billions?

That are bringing this world to its knees

To whom do we owe all this money?

It’s time to reveal, the greedy loanees


We all have a choice not to follow

But it requires us to face our worst fear

And to see that it’s all an illusion

When we do that, it will all disappear