You cannot…

You cannot blame

hypocrisy on those

Who cannot listen

to their own truths


You cannot hold someone

accountable to their actions

Until you can be

accountable for your own


You cannot see

what is in plain sight

If you vision is contaminated

by your own appearance


You cannot claim to be

a philanthropist

When giving accompanies

a powerful motive


Only so much thinking


We’ve thought ourselves into a corner

Got ourselves in a really tight bind

By believing we know all the answers

That we can implement change, with our mind


Society is festering, in stagnation

Beyond the hype, there is rot at its core

Our days of denial are numbered

Our shelf-life, is indefinite no more


There really is, only so much thinking

That can carry, the almighty weight

Of the lumbering, half-asleep masses

Who must be woken, before it’s too late


To take stock of their need to accumulate

To displace their own feelings of guilt

Which ironically create far more problems

In this foundation-less world we have built


Who are they, banking all of the billions?

That are bringing this world to its knees

To whom do we owe all this money?

It’s time to reveal, the greedy loanees


We all have a choice not to follow

But it requires us to face our worst fear

And to see that it’s all an illusion

When we do that, it will all disappear

Calling their bluff

The Truth, Your Story

Can we ever know another’s truth?

When we shy, far from our own

Can we stand in darkness, linger there?

Become accepting of what is shown?


The stories we strive so hard to hide

Are fiction and nothing more

Created by thought, then held in place

By perpetuating the lore


The real disservice we do ourselves

Is not facing our innermost fears

By avoiding our own reflection

We create all the messy smears


We amplify the voice within

The defensive, looped soundtrack

Believing the lyrics are our own

When they are really, a media feedback


Like lemmings in a video game

A slave to repetitive routine

Expecting others to pay the price

Then complain about quarantine


Uniting as one, uniting on mass

And decreeing enough’s enough

Is how we can all be the change

Then we can really call their bluff

The Intuitive Mind

The intuitive mind floats adrift from our thoughts

Yet in harmony with its coastal tide

At one with the unfolding, natural course

The point where your truth, it cannot hide


The intuitive mind cannot be coerced

Nor reached through intelligence alone

Impressions are formed, they light up the dark

In oneness, you need never atone


The intuitive mind has no motive in life

No outcome it seeks to reveal

It flows with the cycles and rhythm of time

To bring forth, what you cannot conceal


The intuitive mind has compassion and love

Stands evolved, with humility in place

Understands we’re all human, expanding within

Contentment reached, with dignified grace

Surrounded, yet separate

Is a well meaning gesture

A smile etched across lips?

Totally surrounded, yet separate

Standing hands upon hips


Neither broken, nor whole

As I wander unseen

Without thought, without direction

A confined quarantine


Day to day living

Weightless in its appeal

Not a slight indentation

Nothing left to reveal


Dreams far more engaging

Show futility in routine

Such meaningless chitchat

Forges a reality unseen


The depth that I seek

Once expectation is removed

Reveals the script of my life

Nothing needs to be improved


So I turn and look back

And take ownership of me

Releasing all that’s not mine

I become who I should be