Wide Load

They were pushing their prams

As if into the breach

Their pavement entitlement

All the slabs they could reach


Their obscenities of chat

Drowned the screams of their young

As they bowled out pedestrians

Into doorways, people flung


Their juvenile load

Just as wide as their cheek

And their rotund behinds

Left no ounce of mystique


Toddlers in hand

Yelled out vile abuse

High on the additives of sweets

And from E-number misuse


The collective day trippers

Gave them all a wide berth

Averting their eyes

For all they were worth


Judgement was laden

On superior trowels

From the middle-class shoppers

Scared of uttering, single vowels

Stop looking to others

Leave disbelief at the door

With your shoes and your socks

And walk fearlessly inside

This is a room with no locks


In this space we are equal

There’s no one to impress

If it makes you more comfortable

Then feel free to undress


Acceptance, the Grail

We all seek to attain

The many excuses we make

Become our only real bane


Take a look round the space

You think of as your mind

Explore all of the avenues

That your thoughts try to find


Suspend those connections

Hard wired and so false

We are not manmade objects

As we all have a pulse


Our literal world

Is fragmenting our spirit

Turning wondrous experiences

Into mere badges of merit


This journey we’re offered

Has no guarantee in place

Nor is it a trial to endure

Or a futile drag-race


We all rock in our own way

You have nothing to prove

So stop looking to others

To find your own groove

Self Respect

I stand in the crowd, observing their faces

And I feel their fear, their perceived, covered bases

Society dictates, that we all toe the line

And woe and behold those, who deem to decline

It takes courage and guile, to carve your own path

When projections and opinions, can litter your hearth

Yet our purpose in life, is to discern our own way

To gain self-perception, to not let your thoughts stray

To know that there are, hard lessons to learn

It is our own self-respect, that we all have to earn

So suspend what you think, what you think you should do

In this way, to your heart and self, you’ll be true

Make this the moment


Step out from the shadows

Cast by your self-doubt

Throwing open the shutters

You can flood your own drought


By allowing all of your dreams

To see the pure light of day

No umbilical cord of failure

There are no rules to obey


Know that you are always enough

Always where you should be

You do yourself a disservice

If you remain a mute attendee


There is no silver platter

Not one of us is owed

Courage holds the future’s hand

Revealing all we’re bestowed


So make this the moment

When you seize with both hands

The life you’ve always imagined

In vast undiscovered lands

The Smorgasbord of Life

Come sit here a while, scoot up real close

Let me tell you a tale, that’s both wise and grandiose

Firstly empty your mind, of the trials of your day

So you’re fully relaxed, with no thoughts in the way


Close your eyes as you listen, so you picture the scene

Of the banqueting hall, of a hostess, and Queen

Who has lived in this castle, since the day of her birth

Though some say she is older, than the seeds of the earth


Her wisdom draws visitors, from as far as Qatar

Who arrive bearing gifts, of fine wine and caviar

She is a friend and a mentor, whom all do applaud

But the real reason for coming, is her unique Smorgasbord


The food all laid out, can transform and renew

It rejuvenates and nourishes, after only one chew

She serves herrings and beetroot, all pickled with intent

And rye bread all smothered, with blissful content


Her saffron spiced pancakes, can mend a broken heart

Refreshing your taste-buds, to ensure a new start

Gingerbread Angels, served with fairy-dust jam

Will discriminate the truth, from the general flimflam


Jellied pork, jellied eels and red jelly with fruit

Can resolve petty quarrels, solve any global dispute

Dishes of potatoes, mashed, scalloped and fried

Whisper to the spirits, of those who have died


When appetites are sated, collective vibrations increase

The frequencies rise and create an inner peace

A soul that’s been nourished, overflows with pure joy

Never fearful of sharing, or seeking a decoy


As the plates are all cleared, there’s a moment to pause

To acknowledge we’re part, of the solution and the cause

We are all deep inside, both a Queen and a King

So it’s important we all shine, and our hearts they do sing

Life will simply play out, as it should be

This poem was written in early 2012 and I still love it, as it marks a huge turning point for me in terms of who I thought I was, prior to letting go of so much old programming.  There was a new poem in the works for today, but it’s being stubborn and refuses to be rushed…   It promises to reveal itself in full tomorrow.

Happy Day 19 of National Poetry Writing Month.  

Love and light as always, to all my visitors.  Sarah xx


Like putty in my thought’s clumsy hands

I lived my life as if creating a brand

My ego controlled, while I hid in the wings

Fearful of saying or doing the wrong things


I knew I must trust, must let go of control

Remove myself from anxiety’s payroll

The Universe conspired and gave me a shove

I shifted from my head; my body fits like a glove


No longer a tourist on the journey of life

I don’t indulge in gossip or strife

I listen to my heart, feel all my emotions

To be and to love is far more than a notion


I feel gratitude and joy, deep in my source

Know my King will arrive on a magnificent horse

I’ve been given the time that I needed so bad

Hadn’t realised it was wrapped in something so sad


I feel my power, I am a High Priestess

A loyal friend and a cracking hostess

Nothing to prove to others or to me

Life will simply play out, as it should be