Calling their bluff

The Truth, Your Story

Can we ever know another’s truth?

When we shy, far from our own

Can we stand in darkness, linger there?

Become accepting of what is shown?


The stories we strive so hard to hide

Are fiction and nothing more

Created by thought, then held in place

By perpetuating the lore


The real disservice we do ourselves

Is not facing our innermost fears

By avoiding our own reflection

We create all the messy smears


We amplify the voice within

The defensive, looped soundtrack

Believing the lyrics are our own

When they are really, a media feedback


Like lemmings in a video game

A slave to repetitive routine

Expecting others to pay the price

Then complain about quarantine


Uniting as one, uniting on mass

And decreeing enough’s enough

Is how we can all be the change

Then we can really call their bluff

The unevolved individual

Words fall to earth,

Weighted by the gravity

Of their intent


Ricocheting off the opinions

Of the observer,

The unevolved individual

Who deems himself worthy

Of adding his own content


Moulding the message

To serve his own meaning,

Creating a new translation,

Now just an echo

Of the truth


His heart screaming

At his spirit to stop

Muting its purpose,

Of ignoring

The lessons

Being taught

She stood in her own way…

She was an innocent child

Full of hope, full of dreams

Not yet tainted by others

Nor involved in their schemes


She loved being silly

Being carefree in life

Unaware that her learning

Was just other people’s strife


As a good girl she listened

Never wanting to be rude

Adopting the methods of others

Far too young to be shrewd


People pushing and pulling

Saying who she should be

Cast a shadow on her senses

Preventing her to stay free


She conformed to their wishes

Wanting to make others proud

So she kept herself small

Remaining part of the crowd


She stood in her own way

Blind to all of her needs

Feeding other people’s dreams

Never sowing her own seeds


Then the tide started turning

Others didn’t know best

With resolve she looked inwards

Seeing all she’d repressed


Peeling away many layers

She saw her inner truth

That she knew all the answers

And reconciled with her youth



Honesty, ever elusive

if you’ve only got your back

Honesty, far more

than coveting what you lack


Honesty, not letters

conveyed in two-dimensional form

Honesty, not words

resulting from a brainstorm


Honesty, can’t support

delusional stories that you tell

Honesty, not existent

unless in alignment you dwell


Honesty, is love

with the truth at its core

Honesty, egoless

it’s for the collective to soar


Honesty, benefitting

enabling all those it serves

Honesty, crossing fingers

really gets on my nerves


Honesty, the intention

to always act from your heart

Honesty, the connection

for a new world to impart

False Control

You’ll never be able to second guess

Nor read another’s mind

It’s futile thinking, that’s for sure

Projections are all you’ll find


Just be, without approval sought

No comparisons need be made

Don’t procrastinate, just make the choice

To step out from the shade


Observe how others ebb and flow

Whilst sticking to the crowd

Asleep to who they actually are

Whilst their ego stands up proud


Review your motives; do not hide

Behind someone else’s dream

Completely trust to find your path

Your own truth is what you gleam


Step forward into your own embrace

Without loss or false control

Your pride perhaps misguided

In pursuing another’s bankroll


Too many spend time living

Through a pre-prescribed idea

Of how others have lived before them

That’s what stops you shifting gear


The promiscuity of modern beliefs

Are generally bound by fiction

Can the truth of life today

Be found in Google diction?


Look to the past, follow your heart

Look beyond the constructs of fear

We are not the sum of our intellect

That’s so not the reason we’re here


Go into yourself, to find what’s real

There is a purpose inside us all

The veil is lifting, intentions unleashed

It’s time to scale the wall


Observe your connection to the universal divine

We’re far more than flesh and blood

The excitement comes when you see the con

It hits home with a real thud


To live with unease is a paradox

It’s becoming an epidemic disease

We are connected to everything, everywhere

We’re just one of many species


The path to evolve, to heal the world

Comes from us, not those who govern

Reclaim your birthright, you are part of the plan

Be the high priestess of your coven